A & J Tax Management Services is a husband and wife partnership specialising in personal taxation.

Despite all the adverts to the contrary, Tax can be extremely Taxing! In 1996 HMRC introduced self-assessment, requiring individuals to assess themselves to tax. In order to encourage compliance with self-assessment, HMRC introduced strict penalties and interest, which will penalise any tax payer that gets it wrong.

Many of us will receive a PAYE tax code each year from HMRC and will assume that the correct amount of tax is being deducted from our monthly salary. However HMRC regularly gets these codes wrong resulting in many of us paying too much tax. In fact, in 2005 the National Audit Office reported that HM Revenue & Customs is taking £295m a year too much from employees' pay alone.

Whilst the Budget of 18 March 2015 made a suprise announcement introducing the concept of abolishing the annual tax return, the return is to be replaced with an online system called a "Digital Tax Account" so it will not signify the end of our reporting obligations or responsibilities. The new system was expected to take at least 5 years to implement, but now it seems that HMRC are trying to rush this despite opposition from the profession.

Concentrating on personal taxation, deceased estates and trusts, we can handle all your personal taxation affairs (Subject to the exclusion of VAT), from offering tax efficiency suggestions to completing your tax returns and communicating with HMRC on your behalf.

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